Who Are The FIFA 22 Adidas Numbersup Players

2021-11-18 00:00:00

Did you know that FUTeamgo has cheap FIFA 22 coins for sale? The Adidas Numbersup program has started in FIFA 22. The program features a selection of 11 players who are Adidas partners. By the end of the season, these players will have one attribute upgraded to max level 99. The attribute is chosen based on the type of Adidas boots they are wearing on the real field. Visit FUTeamgo for the best FIFA 22 coins prices and deals!


FIFA 22 Adidas Numbersup Player Items

Hummels is an 88 OVR cornerback with 60 pacing, 60 shooting, 87 passing, 74 dribbling, 90 defending, and 78 physical. Rice is a center defending midfielder with 87 OVR. His attributes are 75 pacing, 56 shooting, 86 passing, 77 dribbling, 85 defending, and 83 physical. Diawara is part of the FIFA 22 Adidas Numbersup too. He has the same position as Rice. The attributes are 72 pacing, 60 shooting, 87 passing, 84 dribbling, 80 defending, and 80 physical. These players wear Adidas Copa shoes. They will get 99 passing by the end of the season. Joao Felix is a center forward whose attributes are 90 pacing, 84 shooting, 81 passing, 90 dribbling, 43 defending, and 73 physical. His OVR is 88. Diogo Jota's attributes are 91 pacing, 85 shooting, 78 passing, 89 dribbling, 61 defending, and 81 physical. He is an 86 OVR item and his position is a left wing. Reyna is another Adidas Numbersup item. He has 85 OVR and he plays as a center attacking midfielder. The stats of his item are 89 pacing, 80 shooting, 84 passing, 88 dribbling, 42 defending, 77 physical. Reguilon's OVR is 84 and his attributes are 91 pacing, 61 shooting, 78 passing, 81 dribbling, 81 defending, and 73 physical. He is a left back. Dembele is a striker with 89 pacing, 84 shooting, 70 passing, 80 dribbling, 36 defending, and 88 physical. Adidas X is the boots these players are wearing. Their upgraded stat will be pacing. Ter Stegen is a goalkeeper who has 89 diving, 89 handling, 89 kicking, 91 reflexes, 44 speed, and 89 positioning. His OVR is 91. Eder Militao is a cornerback with 85 OVR and 85 pacing, 52 shooting, 72 passing, 80 dribbling, 85 defending, and 84 physical. Neuhaus completes the Adidas Numbersup team. His card is a center midfielder with 66 pacing, 74 shooting, 81 passing, 89 dribbling, 68 defending, and 70 physical. These last three players use the Adidas Predator shoes on the field. Their boost stat will be dribbling or handling.

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