The FIFA 22 FUT Captains Event Is Now Live

2022-04-19 13:51:00

Did you know that you can buy FUT coins from FUTeamGo? FIFA 22 players are busy with the new FUT Captains event. As the name implies, this campaign is all about the footballers that have led their teams. They are legendary leaders and now they are here to guide your teams. The event features club and national captains. We have current footballers and also elites from the past. This program has FUT Captains and FUT Hero Captains. You will need many FUT 22 coins so why not visit FUTeamGo and buy some? The event lasts for two weeks beginning April 8th.


What You Need to Know About FIFA 22 FUT Captains

The event comes with boosts for the best captains and vice-captains. Their cards will receive attribute boosts. FUT Captains items represent popular captains from today's football scene and also from the past. FUT Hero Captains are upgraded FUT Heroes cards that depict players that were captains or vice-captains of their national team or club. The FUT Hero Captain cards have not just better stats. They also feature a new profile story that ties in with the most iconic moment of their captain career. The card has a new design as well. A new action shot is also included. These cards are only available during the event. It's possible that some of the FUT Hero Captains will have another league than the one they've led. FUT Hero Captains items will be found in game packs instead of their regular FUT Hero variant. This only goes for the cards of this type that come from packs. The event also features player and pack SBCs. We have daily Icon Moments Squad Building Challenges that honor national and club captains. FUT Hero Captains that are obtained as rewards will not override the FUT Hero cards that are found in packs. The reward players are acquired by completing Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. FUT Captains is not the only FUT 22 event that makes use of FUT Hero items. These cards will feature in future programs. The card drop so far includes Team 1. This first batch features 15 cards representing famous captains such as Lloris or Mings. This premium selection is available in packs. The second week of the program will bring Team 2. Other recent card additions include the weekly Team of the Week program that marks the 30th edition of this selection.

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