FUT 23: World Cup Mode

2022-06-07 13:50:00

FUTEAMGO is the best FUT 22 Coin supplier offers you secure transaction and fast delivery. FUT 22 is in full swing right now, with promo and SBC content coming to Ultimate Team fast. However, it's time to move on to the next installment FUT 23. As the 2022 World Cup kicks off in November 2022, fans are wondering if FUT will release a dedicated game mode as part of FUT 23.


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FUT plans to release the FUT 23 World Cup game mode during World Cup. FUT 23 will be the last in the series and will be replaced by FUT Sports FC in the summer of 2023. FUT has confirmed that FUT 23 will feature World Cup content, as the next game is still so far away, we don't know official release date yet, but we can make some prediction for the final date of the release.


FUT 22 has a full launch on Friday 1 October 2021, so if FUT follows the time frame, next installment's release date could be Friday 30 September 2022. This means that whoever pre-order from Tuesday 27 September will get the Ultimate Edition of the game. The FUT Play 10-hour trial also usually offers players a limited period of gameplay and goes live earlier than pre-orders, so expect it to arrive about a week before the full release.

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