FUT 21 Yerry Mina s Player Objectives

2021-07-23 00:00:00

Colombia is certainly no push-over in the international scenes, and the current Copa America tournament proves that.


Finishing third after beating Peru 3-2 recently, they are only surpassed by Brazil and Argentina as the best South American football team in the continent.


In FUT 21, in celebration of the ongoing Festival of FUTball (FOF) promo, one of Colombia’s most steadfast players has just received a tremendous player card boost in the game.


Who is that player in question?


It is undoubtedly Everton’s dependable centre-back, Yerry Mina!


The 26-year old defender enjoys great stat boosts like:


Yerry Mina’s FOF ‘Summer Stars’ Player Card” OVR 95


· Physical: 97 (+17)

· Defending: 96 (+17)

· Pace: 91 (+40)

· Passing: 82 (+23)

· Dribbling: 81 (+21)

· Shooting: 71 (+17)


Mina is almost undefeatable in terms of raw strength and defensive abilities, while also able to pursue speedy attackers too.


In order to recruit him, you will need to complete four (4) Squad Objectives accordingly:


· DOUBLE DELIGHT (Reward: Gold Pack)

o Assist and Score using players with 4-Star Weak Foot in four (4) separate Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· WISE WEAK FOOT (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack)

o Score fifteen (15) goals in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or RIvals).


· FABULOUS FINISHING (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)

o Score a Finesse goal in seven (7) separate Squad Battle Wins on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· THROUGH TALENT (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)

o Assist with a Through Ball in ten (10) separate Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


Be sure to finish these Objectives as soon as possible before they expire on 16th July 2021 (Friday) .


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