FUT 20 Pre Season Event Features

2020-08-07 02:00:00

The Pre-Season event has started in FUT 20. It will last for several weeks during which players can take part in various activities and gain rewards. The unique feature of this event is that it allows players to get items that can be used in FUT 21 after the release in October. The event also updates the rewards for the weekend league.

Players have the chance to buy Best Of packs that contain items from past UT 20 campaigns such as Team of the Year and Future Stars. The event numbers several distinct features. Let's take a look at them.

August comes with the return of the Champions League and Europa League. The competitions take place in Portugal and Germany. These are some of the biggest European tournaments. Those who compete in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League have the chance of winning some of the most sought football trophies. The last event of the tournaments unfolds over two weeks and it's guaranteed to be a magnificent show.

The Road to the Final items will get a +3 rating boost. This is done to celebrate a format that is played for the first time. The event will unfold in several cities in Germany and Lisbon in Portugal. The duration of the event is 11 days. The player item cards that are part of the teams that are still in the Champions and Europa Leagues get this boost. If the team goes further, the items get extra upgrades. The grand final is played during the weekend of August 21st – August 23rd.

Keep an eye on SBCs and Objectives as you might get new Champions League and Europa League Road to the Final player items cards. These are dynamic cards. This means that they get upgrades when the team advances to a new round. 

Champions League Showdowns and related SBCs are part of the event too.

Don't miss these SBCs as they are available for a limited period of time. These activities are based on real games. They will be available until the day of the game and they will have one player from each team. The items from the team that goes further get a +3 OVR boost. Catch puzzle SBCs during the halftime break of certain Champions and Europa League games.

New items representing top transfers will be available in FUT 20. The Pre-Season event started on July 29th. It’s not a FUT coins consuming campaign as we know so far. Stay tuned on FUTeamGo store and you’ll get more news on this event!

 (Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang) 

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