FIFA Ultimate Team: Let’s review Wendell what if card

2021-03-04 00:00:00

Wendell is one of the What If cards that are available now on SBC. This Brazilian left-back of the Bundesliga will receive a boost of +2 points if his team does not receive a goal in the next five games, something unlikely but that could improve his attributes even more.

Last Friday we received Brazilian Raphinha from Leeds United, and now Wendell will be available on SBC until March 5. Let's see if it's worth it.

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How good is Wendell What If?

Wendell is a left back in very good condition, but he has a defect that seriously affects his performance on the field: the imbalance in his pace attributes.

Specifically, Wendell has 95 acceleration points but only has 80 sprint points, which means that this attribute only reaches up to 90 points with chemistry boosts. This is an insufficient amount for a player in his position, especially already in the month of March when there are many more extremes faster than him in the FUT player universe.

Because of this, it is very likely that we will notice Wendell's slowness in long runs, especially if you like to play with the defensive line well forward to put pressure on the opposing team. This problem can allow many freedoms on the left wing and the opponent will create many chances to score on their wing.

Wendell is an excellent offensive player.

Wendell What If's dribbling is very good. In fact, he is one of the best left-backs in this attribute, so he will lose very few balls and it will be difficult to take the ball from him because of his four skills stars.

Wendell dribbles the ball as if he were a forward, he is capable of leaving any defender behind and his 78 vision points and 88 short pass points will allow him to create many chances to score and take advantage of the spaces left by defenders.

This card has better passing and dribbling attributes than many of the best midfielder gold cards. That can serve as a reference to understand all the offensive potential of this player.

On the other hand, beyond his lack of speed, his defensive attributes are also quite good. He has 88 interception points, 83 intelligence points, 88 steal points and 93 sweep points.

With these stats, Wendell What If could easily play center back in any other mode of the game. He is very solid in one-on-one matches and it will be very difficult to beat him if there is not much room to run, as he also has a good physique, even though his defensive work rate is medium.


Wendell What If is an excellent card that has a flaw that keeps it from becoming one of the best in the game: his rhythm. However, it will be a very important addition for players who do not have to meet such high demands on their equipment.

Therefore, we recommend that you complete his SBC before March 5 to be able to add him to your team as quickly as possible.

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