FIFA 23 Marvel FUT Heroes: MASSIVE new partnership CONFIRMED

2022-08-17 10:40:00

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In a surprise collaboration, however, Marvel will be teaming up with EA in Ultimate Team, so check out all the latest details below.


LATEST - Marvel Partnership Confirmed


They've already leaked the news, but now EA has confirmed that the partnership with Marvel will appear in FIFA 23.


As they announced in a press release:


Blurring the lines between Comic book Culture and Football Fandom with legendary Marvel artists, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes will be illustrated and inspired by Marvel superheroes to celebrate awesome moments in their careers


Each World Cup FUT Hero will receive a special illustrated item to celebrate "their larger-than-life cult hero status" when the World Cup game mode launches.


Not only are the card images handled by Marvel, the collaboration also includes tifos, kits, balls, and other vanity items.


And it doesn't stop there! EA's statement continues:

Fans will also be able to get their hands on the upcoming online Marvel hero comic book as well as Marvel written biographies, with limited physical quantities available at a later date.


It seems odd to see EA announcing this partnership and details so early, so can we expect more surprises from the Marvel collaboration? We can't wait to find out!



Superhero Player


Now, it's one that's equally exciting and apprehensive to FUT users, and that's the introduction of Marvel superheroes as cards in the game.


Spider-Man uses his web thrower in goal to block a shot into the top corner; Hulk bullies everyone off the ball as a dominant centre-back; Doctor Strange calls out impossible passes from midfield; Thor Summon lightning and shoot unstoppable into the back of the net!


Sure, it might sound a little funny, but bringing superheroes and powers into Ultimate Team would be too powerful, and would also completely remove any realism from the mode.


Footballer Fans


The FUT Heroes promotion may be part of the deal, and we already know how to play it reasonably in the game.


Some promotions are themed around real-world events, such as the FUT Captains player pool made up of former and current captains.


So, how about choosing a promotional player pool from the current Marvel fandom players?


Dele Alli and James Maddison - They flashed an "A" symbol with their hands, referring to their WhatsApp group being named "Avengers".


There might be enough players out there to swear allegiance to the Marvel Banner and possibly earn a booster card for it.


FUT Heroes


FUT Heroes, a new item in FIFA 22, represent memorable moments that turn individual players into fan favorites.


The FIFA community sees FUT Heroes as the next tier of ICON in Ultimate Team.

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