FIFA 23 Career Mode Gems SUPER talents to make your save SENSATIONAL

2022-09-19 10:00:00

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We're looking at all of the career mode gems that could come out this year, players that start out with low ratings on your saves, but could improve significantly over the next few seasons.


Discover all of the top Career Mode gems in FIFA 23 below.


NEW - Career Mode Hidden Gems in FIFA 23

If you want a chance to develop some talented young talent, you're going to want to pick these players. Here are the 14 hidden gems with the greatest growth potential in FIFA 23.


Luke Harris (61 OVR)

Luke Harris grabbed the headlines with an 11-minute hat-trick for Fulham U-23s. Now in the main team, he has huge upside potential.


A 5-point upgrade from FIFA 22 puts him in a good position to invest, and with a potential of 85, he can rival even the best opponents.


Fabio Chiarodia (60 OVR)

Fabio Chiarodia may be one of the youngest on this list, at just 17 years old, he has already represented the Italian youth team on the international stage.


His 83 overall potential is impressive for a player so early in his career.


Alfie Devine (60 OVR)

Devine made her Under-23 debut at 15 and has been impressive over the years. The 18-year-old is a Tottenham midfielder.


Jonathan Riquelme (60 OVR)

Jonathan Riquelme is a little known player who will never be seen by your opponents.


Still, he has the potential to compete with the top guys on this list and is a great option for your team.


Arnold Dhoni (59 OVR)

The Belgian centre-back, who has represented Belgium's U-16 and U-18 teams, is now a hidden gem to represent the team in Career Mode.


Dhoni's overall speed stats are excellent and can definitely be used defensively well.


Ashley Phillips (59 OVR)

Ashley Philips is a young CB who has seen interest from Tottenham Hotspur during his time at Blackburn Rovers.


With the potential of 82, he certainly won't be slept on.


Ben Crisney (58 OVR)

After 16 caps for England's national youth team, Chrisene is in high demand.


Currently on loan at SPL from Aston Villa, he has the potential to score 81.


Guillaume Rest (58 OVR)

As one of only 2 goalkeepers on this list, Restes is the perfect choice to be a goalkeeper without spending a fortune.

The French goalkeeper also has 81-year-old potential, so would be perfect for the role.


Darko Jabi (57 OVR)

It's no surprise that Gyabi has found himself on the list of hidden gems after an impressive performance by Leeds United's U-21s just a few days ago.


With the potential to move up 23 points, the young star can grow into a force to be reckoned with in midfield.


Josh Feeney (55 OVR)

Josh Feeney is already captaining England in the youth team and he might just be the stud you need at the back.


Just signed his first professional contract with Aston Villa and expect him to develop into a great player soon.

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