FIFA 22: leaked the supposed release date

2021-07-16 00:00:00

While we are still waiting for July 22, the day that EA Play Live will begin, several leaks have already revealed some of the announcements that we will see at the event. Of course, it is clear that at the Electronic Arts event we will see new annual franchise titles such as Madden NFL 22 or FIFA 22, as well as the new Battlefield 2044 and many other games.


In the case of FIFA 22, a supposed leaked beta a few weeks ago revealed new features and gameplay improvements. But in addition to these first details of the new FIFA that will come to the new generation consoles, which could be a complete graphic revolution thanks to the new Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, a few days ago a list with the possible new FIFA 22 Icons came to light. This new game from EA's successful sports franchise promises more than ever, so while we are still waiting for its official announcement, the well-known and trusted user UltimateTeamUK via Twitter, would have revealed the supposed release date of FIFA 22.


According to various rumors, the Web App of the new FIFA would open for users on September 15, fitting with the launch date of FIFA 22 that would hit the market on September 21 for those who have reserved the typical special edition that grants early access and other bonuses. Although, worldwide, FIFA 22 would be launched on all platforms on September 24, 2021. So, the date would coincide with the different releases years ago.


In addition, all this would make even more sense since according to the release schedule published by EA Sports, FIFA 22 must appear on the market before October. From here we will keep you informed with any news about FIFA 22 and the rest of the video games; meanwhile you can always buy FUT coinson U7BUY to play FIFA 21!

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