FIFA 22 Title Update 14 Has Landed

2022-07-19 16:20:00

FUTeamGo is here to support you with cheap FIFA coins! FIFA 22 Update 14 is upon us. It's not a big update, but it does add some changes to the gameplay. This makes it an important patch as it modifies the way the game is played. The update is already available for the PC version of the game on Origin and Steam. No matter how the update changes the game, you know that one thing will always stay the same: the best FIFA 22 coins prices and deals can only be found at FUTeamGo!


FIFA 22 Update 14 Patch Notes


Because the better part of the update is about the gameplay, we will start with the two other changes to get them out of the way first. In FUT 22, the compare price feature was fixed to show the search results for all stadium and consumable items. In Volta mode, the default avatar that didn't have footwear on the screen now appears with shoes when the players select it. Now let's focus on the gameplay updates. The probability for a knuckleball shot to occur when a high-powered shot is requested and the ball is 0.67 meters away from the carrier was enhanced. Footballers that have a skill move rating of four or five can now do a new skill move, ball roll cut 180. The precision of low-driven shots that are low and middle has been enhanced. The reach of the shot blocks from computer footballers was greatly decreased. The span needed for a defender to try a tackle without a request received the same treatment. The length between the defender and player that has the ball when the first one has a request for contain or teammate contain was extended. The efficacy of the finesse shots in situations where a goal might happen was increased. This occurs when defenders or goalkeepers don't put pressure on the footballer that has the ball. The velocity of the ball after a low or mid shot with the head was increased. A lower ball path has more chances to occur from a lowered shot with the head. The velocity of the ball after a chipped header was increased and the path was lowered. The animation speed for dribbling moves, such as agile and strafe, and skill moves, such as step-over, body feint, and reverse step-over, was increased. The reach of the block shots from footballers controlled by the players was reduced.

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