FIFA 22 Whats New In Title Update 1

2021-10-21 00:00:00

Buy FIFA 22 coins from FUTeamgo and enjoy the game without stressing over coins anymore! FIFA 22 Title Update 1 is the first update of this year's game. It's a big patch that comes to correct issues in game modes such as Ultimate Team, Career, Volta, Pro Clubs, and general gameplay issues. Did you know that FUTeamgo has the best FUT 22 coins prices? Check it out now!

FIFA 22 Title Update 1 Bug Fixes and Changes


We will start with Ultimate Team fixes. The notification screen after games in FUT Champions Play-Offs mode didn't show the correct number of points and rank. This was just a visual issue. Another issue of the same type for the same mode showed the wrong number of finals qualifications. The issue that prevented players from putting an item on the transfer market with the starting price an increment smaller than the buy now price was also fixed. Let's also see some Career mode fixes. The board objectives will not conflict anymore. The number of teams participating in the Polish Cup was changed. The date at which the A-League and Turkish Super Lig are starting was fixed. Inbox messages for the manager have the correct title. The training drills descriptions were fixed. The international player career games are no longer wrongly called league games. The mic will not shake anymore when players skip the dialogue in interviews after the games. Volta mode got some attention as well in FIFA 22 Title Update 1. The number of human players needed to begin a Volta Arcade tournament was changed to two. The driven lob is no longer in foot tennis. The avatars will no longer remain stuck near the sides of the playing field in the Disco Lava party game. The long hairstyles will no longer clash with clothing items. The screen that appears after a completed game will no longer incorrectly say tournament win. In Pro Clubs, a visual issue prevented players from seeing how much XP they've obtained after a club friendly game. The active voice chat speaker is correctly displayed in the drop in lobby. Players that control goalkeepers will see the ball trail. Custom kits will no longer appear black. Gameplay issues were also fixed. The goalkeepers that dive for shots within the penalty box are no longer that effective. The referee logic was improved when calling for fouls because of soft physical contact. FIFA 22 Title Update 1 also contains a series of video and audio improvements.


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