FIFA 22 Team 2 Of Black Friday Best Of Team Of The Week Is Available

2021-12-02 00:00:00

Get FUT 22 coins from FUTeamgo at the best prices! The FIFA 22 Black Friday campaign brings back some of the best FUT 22 Team of the Week items. Players have a second chance to acquire their favorite TotW cards from the past. The offer is time-limited so don't miss this opportunity! Also, don't wait any more time and check out the FIFA 22 coins prices on FUTeamgo!


FIFA 22 Black Friday Best of Team of the Week 2 Player Items

Neymar Jr's 92 OVR Team of the Week card is available once more. The item is a left wing with 92 pacing, 95 dribbling, 85 shooting, 38 defending, 87 passing, and 65 physical. Kane is a striker with 91 OVR and 72 pacing, 85 dribbling, 92 shooting, 48 defending, 84 passing, and 84 physical. Benzema joins the selection with a 90 OVR center forward item that has 77 pacing, 88 dribbling, 87 shooting, 40 defending, 83 passing, and 79 physical. We have Kimmich as well. His item has 90 OVR with the center defending midfielder position. The stats are 72 pacing, 85 dribbling, 75 shooting, 84 defending, 87 passing, and 80 physical. Mane has a card with the same OVR. The position is center attacking midfielder and the attributes are 92 pacing, 90 dribbling, 84 shooting, 45 defending, 82 passing, and 79 physical. Marquinhos is an 88 OVR center back with 82 pacing, 76 dribbling, 54 shooting, 90 defending, 77 passing, and 83 physical. Joao Cancelo has an 87 OVR card with 86 pacing, 85 dribbling, 72 shooting, 82 defending, 84 passing, 74 physical, and the left back position. If you need a left midfielder, Carrasco's 86 OVR card might fit in your team. The stats are 90 pacing, 87 dribbling, 83 shooting, 47 defending, 82 passing, and 70 physical. Barella has an item with the same OVR. His card is a center midfielder with 80 pacing, 88 dribbling, 74 shooting, 79 defending, 82 passing, and 80 physical. We have two more 86 OVR cards in this Black Friday selection. One belongs to Gabriel Jesus and it is a right wing. The attributes are 87 pacing, 89 dribbling, 85 shooting, 42 defending, 77 passing, and 78 physical. Depay is a center forward with 83 pacing, 85 dribbling, 84 shooting, 31 defending, 84 passing, and 81 physical. The Black Friday campaign also features the Signature Signings collection. It includes players that had the most successful recent transfers.


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