FIFA 21: When is the TOTS coming out

2021-04-22 00:00:00

Like every year, each league in the world designates the players with the best performances during the year. FIFA 21 is not left out of this event and reveals the cards of the Team of the Season (TOTS) in the Ultimate Team mode.

The most important leagues are part of this selection. Thanks to this, gamers can improve their team with unique cards. Of course, only the best players will be included and will have a somewhat high cost.

As has been leaked, the cards of the different TOTS will begin to come out from April 23. Always the first team to leave is the Consistent team, in which players with a great season appear who have not received cards from the team of the week.

At the moment, the dates or when each championship will come out are not confirmed.

Players in Teams of the Season have four ways to earn: 1) Through the SBC, in which they ask you to deliver different templates to earn a reward (The soccer player of your interest). 2) In packs, which you can buy in the store or by playing Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Fut Champions. 3) From the transfer market. Just remember that the most anticipated cards have a high cost. 4) Week by week, EA Sports gives away a card in the objectives menu, having to create conceptual templates to earn one.

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