FIFA 21: George Best Prime

2021-05-26 00:00:00

We will talk about George Best Prime's performance on the pitch. We can redeem this card for free in the third batch of Icon Swaps, spending eleven of the eighteen total tokens. But currently they only allow us to get nine of them, so we should wait until June 18 to use it.

As we said we can redeem it for eleven tokens. Its current market price is 1,229,000 coins on PS4, 1,100,000 on Xbox and 1,600,000 on PC.

Although he may not be one of the best attackers in Ultimate Team, he offers a pretty solid performance as a winger or forward. It is the typical card that does not have five stars for skills or bad legs, and therefore it is not in the top of FIFA 21 players. Although thanks to the four in both aspects and its complete statistics, we can use it in competitive teams without out of tune.

His 94 acceleration and 92 sprint allows us to apply Hawk to be fast, raise five points of force and achieve perfection in definition, shot power and long shot. He also increases his 89 positioning and reaches 94, allowing him to perform intelligent unmarkings. He shoots well with both feet and is right most of the time. He is not one of the most skilled at generating them, but we can trust him when he shoots.

This Icon seems stronger than he should on the field. He does not stand out for his height (1'75) and he does not have enormous strength (68, passes to 73 with Falcon). His 87 stamina is more than correct at this point in FIFA 21.

So George Best Prime is worth it or not depending on the cards you can use in its position. If similar or even better footballers fit into your eleven and you can buy them, it is better to try your luck with certain packs or remove another Icon. But if you can't use someone competitive in your position due to chemistry problems or a lack of coins, that's a valuable option there. Although he is not one of the best attackers in FIFA 21, he still offers a pretty good level.

FIFA 21 can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And don’t forget you can always buy extra FUT coins in futeamgo! 

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