FIFA 21 update adds an option to remove the resistance of the triggers of the DualSense in PS5.

2021-02-18 00:00:00

One of the main novelties of PlayStation 5 is its controller. The DualSense has functions that no other control has had in the history of the video game industry and its arrival has meant a total revolution for both gamers and developers. 

The DualSense features haptic feedback, a new way to make the controller vibrate with extreme sensitivity that allows the player to feel much more realistically the different environments of the game they are playing. 

When riding, driving, or navigating a yacht, the DualSense vibrates differently to make the player feel that they are in that vehicle, an advantage that no other system currently has. 

On the other hand, the adaptive triggers mean that the L2 and R2 triggers of the controller can have a variable resistance depending on the action that the player is doing in the game. 

This feature has been widely used in shooting games to simulate the recoil of weapons or the tension of the bow when shooting an arrow. 

FIFA 21 uses the adaptive triggers of the DualSense. In the case of FIFA 21, EA Sports decided to use this adaptive trigger feature to make users feel in their own hands the fatigue of players in games. 

The R2 trigger gets tighter and tighter as the player gets more tired, making it more difficult to pull in the final minutes of matches. 

However, beyond the spectacular immersion that this feature offers, it has not been entirely well received by PS5 players, especially those who play competitively. 

Users allege that this feature distracts them from the really important things in a FIFA game and that is why they have resorted to disabling it in the console settings. 

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EA Sports adds a new option to disable adaptive triggers

Now, following the release of FIFA 21 update # 10, players will have the opportunity to disable the resistor for the adaptive triggers of the controller from the controller settings within the game. It will no longer be necessary to go to the console settings to deactivate this option, right now within the game you can remove it and it will remain in your profile every time you run the game.

 Without a doubt, this is great news for players who have wasted a lot of time deactivating this option before playing, since in FIFA 21 it does not fulfill a fundamental role in the gameplay.

 Additionally, Update 10 also fixed other general, sound and visual issues in the game, so we recommend downloading it as quickly as possible to enjoy all these improvements. 

For example, the bug that caused an additional referee to appear at Elland Road, Leeds United's stadium that was recently added to the game, has been fixed. Also, another problem with subtitles will be fixed. 

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