4 Tips to Improve Your Team Chemistry in FUT

2021-11-25 00:00:00

Before we continue, don't forget that if you are going to invest in FUT Coins, you can use our promotional link to buy FUT 22 Coins and enjoy special discounts at FUTeamgo. FUT 22 incorporates a strong emphasis on chemistry between team members to ensure optimal play. FUT 22 allows players to play against each other with their customized squads. Players build their squads in their own way. The two most essential elements of each team are the squad and the chemistry.

Let's look at the 4 best tips to ensure a perfect 100 chemistry in the game.


Top tips for maintaining a full 100 chemistry in your FUT 2 squad

4) Keep players from the same clubs

The easiest way to ensure full chemistry between two players is to play for the same club in real life. It is no coincidence that almost every FUT 22 squad has at least two players from the same football club.

3) Keeping players of the same nationality and league

Although easier, keeping players from the same clubs in the squad is not always possible. Cost problems may be one of the reasons. Other reasons can be players who are not in goal and players in the wrong positions.

A simple way to overcome this problem is to keep players of the same nationality playing in the same league. A typical example could be Saúl of Chelsea and Adama Traoré of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Both players are Spanish and play in the same English league.

2) Proper positioning

It is a common trend in FUT 22: playing players out of their designated position. However, playing with players in a fixed position provides a green link and complete chemistry. Playing the player in a position close to their original position slightly reduces the chemistry. Playing with a player in a position totally different from his position reduces the chemistry massively.

1) Position modifier

It is vital to play a player in their correct position. Sometimes a player element can be too valuable to not use. Position modifier cards are a great way to change a player's position and use him without sacrificing team chemistry in FUT 22.


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