FUT Comfort Trade FAQ 2020-06-28 00:00:00

(1) Q: How does FUT comfort trade work?

A: With FUT comfort trade, your Origin(EA) Account and Origin(EA) Password is required, our automatic system will log your account and then transfer coins to your account.

To make sure your order goes smoothly, please make sure your account information is 100% correct.

(2) Q: Is your FUT comfort trade service safe?

A: Yes, our service is safe guaranteed. We are always working on updating our transaction system all the time to avoid being noticed by EA, therefore, to make sure your account safe.

(3) Q: How to verify if the account information I submitted on your website is correct?

A: You can verify your account information via logging on FUT WEB APP, from which you will be able to confirm your (EA)origin Account, (EA)origin Password, FUT Security Answer. Here is the link for WEB APP:  https://www.easports.com/fut/ultimate-team/web-app/

(4) Q: I don’t remember my Origin(EA) Security Answer, what should I do?

A: If you have forgotten your Origin(EA) Security Answer when you are trying to change your Origin(EA) Password or change your login verificaction preference, you will need to contact an EA Advisor for help.  https://help.ea.com/en-in/help/account/if-you-forgot-your-ea-account-id-or-password/

(5) Q: How to get Backup Codes?

A: Please go to  https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/security/index

. “Security”--Backup Codes ”View”. If the backup codes have been used, you can click “Create New Codes” to generate new backup codes.

(6) Q: Can I still play FUT on my PS4&XBOX one&PC during your service?

A: NO, you CAN`T play FUT on your PS4&XBOX one&PC during our service. You CAN`T access your account on FUT companion app or Web APP, either. Otherwise your account might get banned.

We will email to notify you after your FUT comfort trade order is finished.

(7) Q: Can you still do FUT comfort trade if the transfer market of my account is locked on Web APP?

A: Sorry, we canot do your FUT comfort trade order if the transfer market of your account is locked on Web App.

You will need to play matches on your console to unlock the transfer market of your account on Web App.

(8) Q: What if my account got warning from EA, will you still be able to do FUT comfort trade for me?

A: If your EA account ever got a warning, please wait for 24Hours after the warning, you will be free to purchase our FUT Player service without any concern.

(9) Q: Do I need to change my password after the FUT comfort trade order is finished?

A: Yes, its always the most important thing to make sure you are the only person who can access your account after we finish your FUT comfort trade order.

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